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Overview of nRF Cloud

Nordic Semiconductor cloud services and the nRF Cloud online portal form an IoT platform optimized for Nordic Semiconductor's wireless devices. It provides cloud connectivity and services for both prototype and commercial devices using Nordic Semiconductor silicon.

The following diagram provides an overview of the components of nRF Cloud:

nRF Cloud component overview

The platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a collection of integrated microservices. You and your devices can interact with nRF Cloud services through a web portal and REST, MQTT, and CoAP APIs. You can also combine these depending on your use case.

nRF Cloud is suitable for a range of users, including hardware or firmware engineers building a new product with Nordic Semiconductor silicon, device fleet managers, and web or mobile application developers using the nRF Cloud REST API to build a custom user interface for an IoT solution.

nRF Cloud also supports cloud-to-cloud use through the REST API.

About the nRF Cloud documentation

The nRF Cloud documentation is sorted by topic in the left sidebar. Each section contains conceptual and guide pages according to each topic.

See the following pages if you have never used nRF Cloud before:

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