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Additional resources

This page collects cloud-related documentation and tools on other Nordic Semiconductor sites.


This section contains documentation related to nRF Cloud, as well as compatible samples and libraries.


nRF Cloud device message and shadow protocols

The nRF Cloud application-protocols project is an important reference if you want to know more about the JSON schemas for device messages and their shadows, as expected by nRF Cloud.

nRF Connect SDK

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The nRF Connect SDK (product page | documentation) provides a firmware-focused complement to the nRF Cloud documentation:

nRF91 AT commands and supporting nRF Connect SDK libraries

The nRF91 AT commands documentation provides valuable information about security-related commands:

Getting started guides for Nordic Semiconductor hardware devices


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nRF9160 Development Kit (DK)

The nRF9160 DK is the recommended development hardware for working with nRF Cloud, especially when used with the nRF Connect SDK.

The nRF Connect for Desktop tool, especially when used with the LTE Link Monitor modem client app, is useful for viewing and sending AT commands and managing device credentials.

nRF Cloud Utilities

The nRF Cloud Utils project provides information on how to use AT commands, create device certificates, and more.

nRF91 Device Simulator

If you do not have any hardware devices, you can use the nRF91 Device Simulator to create a software device and connect to nRF Cloud. The README for this public repository also has some helpful recipes for working with the REST API.

MQTT Bridge App using Mosquitto

See the open-source mqtt-bridge-mosquitto project to learn how you can set up an MQTT bridge between your own AWS account and the nRF Cloud IoT broker in order to store your device messages in real time. This solution uses special device certificate you can obtain for your account.

Phone apps

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The nRF Cloud team provides an open-source nRF Cloud Gateway application (available for Android and iPhone). Using this app, you can create a gateway on your nRF Cloud account and connect Bluetooth® Low Energy peripherals.


nRF Connect for Mobile: Android | iPhone