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This page collects the recent changes in the nRF Cloud system.

May 2022

This section lists the changes deployed in May 2022.

New features

  • A new Ground-Fix endpoint for REST, to retrieve the location of the device based on the nearest Wi-Fi access points or LTE towers.

    • This option minimizes the number of requests and can extend battery life for low power devices.
    • It allows devices to send whatever they have and let the Location Service determine the best location based on what the device provides.
    • You can send either or both, using the same formats as with cell or Wi-Fi endpoints. The server returns the best location.
  • Owner role in the Teams feature.

    • Owners have all of the privileges that Admins had before.
    • There can only be one Owner in a team.
    • All existing teams are updated to promote Admins to Owners. If there was more than one Admin on a team, the Admin that was created first has been promoted to Owner.
    • Admins can no longer do the following:
      • Invite users to a team by email address.
      • Cancel an invitation you created before the invitee accepts.
      • Modify team information, such as the name.
      • Delete a team. All associated devices and user relationships are deleted, and any outstanding invitations are rejected.
      • Generate evaluation tokens.

Breaking changes

  • Total field in the ListMessages response:

    • Previously, the ListMessages REST API request returned a total as: "Reflects the total results, not just the total returned by a singular page of results."
    • Due to the migration to a new type of database for scalability and efficiency, the total now shows the total returned by a single page of results, not total results for all pages.
    • The usage of the API has not changed. If there is a pageNextToken in the response, there are more results. Pass this token in your next request to obtain the next page of results.


  • Updated Location Services to support automatic selection of the best vendor for the requested geographic region when doing cell requests.

Bug fixes

  • Full modem FOTA fixes.
  • Proper validation and denial of the + character in firmware version names.
  • Improved reliability of iBasis SIM card activation and removal.


  • Added documentation of ground fix endpoint to Wi-Fi and cellular tutorials for Location Services.
  • Expanded instructions for FOTA updates through the REST API.
  • Added MDM_FULL to firmware types.