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Frequently asked questions

This page addresses frequently asked questions.


These questions cover several categories of general usage of nRF Cloud.

What devices are supported by nRF Cloud?

All Bluetooth LE devices that are compliant with the Bluetoothยฎ LE 4.2 and higher specifications. IoT devices directly connected to the internet, for example through LTE-M, can also communicate with nRF Cloud.

What gateways do you support?

Nordic Semiconductor has developed a Bluetooth LE gateway for iOS and Android. Our gateway implementations follow the guidelines defined in the "GAP REST API" and "GATT REST API" Bluetooth SIG Whitepapers.

Why do I need a gateway for Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a short range (about 100 meters maximum) technology. To connect to the cloud, a gateway is required to extend the range and convert the Bluetooth protocol to Internet Protocol (IP).

Is the nRF Cloud phone gateway code public?

The gateway code is public on GitHub.

What Bluetooth LE devices can connect to nRF Cloud?

All devices that comply with the Bluetooth LE Specification 4.2 and higher. nRF Cloud supports standard Bluetooth LE protocols between the Bluetooth LE device and the gateway and IP between the gateway and the cloud.

What Bluetooth LE examples do you support?

nRF Cloud supports all the Nordic Semiconductor peripheral SDK examples in addition to custom Bluetooth LE devices such as the Thingy:91 and various demo applications.

How much does nRF Cloud cost?

nRF Cloud is a free developer tool provided by Nordic Semiconductor. Some services require a Pro or Enterprise plan.

iBasis SIM Cards

For most questions, see the iBasis FAQ on DevZone. In addition, here are a few specific to nRF Cloud:

  • How can I determine how much data is left on my card?

The SIM Cards page on nRF Cloud shows the status of active SIMs.

  • How can I purchase additional data for my card?

The Buy more data button is always visible in the entry for a card.


These questions apply to nRF Cloud's FOTA service.

Can FOTA jobs be cancelled?

FOTA jobs can only be cancelled in the CREATED state. In-progress jobs cannot be cancelled.

How many devices can be updated at once?

There is no limit for how many devices can be specified in a single FOTA job.

What protocols does FOTA support?

FOTA supports both REST and MQTT.

Can Bluetooth LE devices be updated?

Yes. Both the device and the gateway it is connected to must support FOTA.