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nRF Cloud IMEI allocation service

Beginning in June 2023, Nordic Semiconductor SiPs for production are no longer pre-programmed with IMEIs. The nRF Cloud IMEI allocation service allows small- to medium-scale customers to allocate and use IMEIs from Nordic Semiconductor Type Allocation Code (TAC) ranges.


The IMEI allocation service is available only to Pro and Enterprise users admins and owners.


The IMEI allocation service is compatible with nRF9161 production devices.

Nordic Semiconductor development devices (DKs, EKs, and Thingy devices) still have pre-programmed IMEIs.


There are two ways to allocate IMEIs:

  • Request up to 10 individual IMEIs at a time for your development devices. Development IMEIs are limited to 100 per team. You can also allocate IMEIs to development devices using a reel code.
  • Allocate IMEIs for your production devices according to reel code. The number of reels is not limited.


You cannot allocate IMEIs for the same reel code multiple times.

Make sure that the information you enter for a production allocation request is correct before you submit it. If the allocation request has an error, you cannot resubmit a request with the same reel code.


The service is comprised of the following operations:

  • Fetch a list of product names to which you can allocate IMEIs.
  • Allocate IMEIs with a model name, and optionally report them to a mobile network operator.
  • Fetch information related to your account:
  • Fetch a list of previously allocated IMEIs.
  • Fetch details of your allocation usage and limits.

These operations are available in the nRF Cloud portal or through the IMEI REST API.

Next steps

See the guide to allocating IMEIs.