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nRF Cloud IMEI reporting service

For some mobile networks, you must report the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number to use that network operator's services. The nRF Cloud IMEI reporting service lets you manage IMEIs for Nordic Semiconductor devices and pass them to the relevant operators.


The IMEI reporting service is available only to Pro and Enterprise team admins and owners.

There are two ways to report IMEIs:

  • Report IMEIs by reel code.
  • Report individual IMEIs as a list.

A single reel typically contains thousands of individual IMEI codes. This method is intended for production-scale batch reporting of IMEIs. For development and testing, the service also supports reporting IMEIs as a list of 100 or fewer individual codes.

The service provides the following functionalities:

  • Manage model names for your products with IMEIs.
  • View, add, and delete model names.
  • Associate models with IMEI reports.
  • Fetch a list of IMEIs corresponding to a given reel code.
  • Report IMEIs with a model name and mobile network operator.
  • Fetch a list of known mobile network operators for your IMEIs.
  • Fetch a list of previously reported IMEIs.
  • Delete a previously submitted IMEI report up to 15 minutes after you create it.

These operations are available in the nRF Cloud portal or through the IMEI REST API.

Once you create a report, the service sends the IMEIs to the operator. With that information, the operator can ensure the devices work correctly within their networks.

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