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Location Services in a cloud-to-cloud setup

This page explains the requirements for Location Services in a cloud-to-cloud (C2C) setup.

A C2C setup requires a proxy server, which has additional requirements for nRF Cloud:

This page does not outline how to set up a proxy server, as this varies depending on your use case.

These operations are available only to the team owner.

Declaring proxy server use

When you sign up for or upgrade to an nRF Cloud Pro plan, you are prompted to declare the number of devices that will access the different components of Location Services through a proxy server.

You can either declare this when you sign up or upgrade, or later from the Manage Plan page. See Managing your nRF Cloud plan.

Service key

Once you declare the number of devices using nRF Cloud services through a proxy server, you need to generate a service key.

Only the team owner can generate a service key, but all team members can view it. Sign a JWT with the service key and use it to authenticate requests to Location Services and FOTA REST endpoints.

One service key gives access to all components of Location Services.

C2C example

See the C2C cellular location tutorial for an example implementation.