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Adding and Removing Devices

Adding Devices to Your Account#

IP Devices#

Adding an IP device is the process of "associating" it with your account. This concept is also called "claiming".

This happens automatically during the provisioning process only when using the ProvisionDevices endpoint. If you are using Just-in-Time provisioning (JITP) you must explicitly associate the device using either the Web UI or the AssociateDevice endpoint.

An IP device knows whether it is associated by finding {"pairing":{"state":"paired"}} in its device shadow. Devices using the nRF Cloud library attempt to do this automatically. See the MQTT API docs for more information.

Bluetooth® Low Energy Devices#

You may add Bluetooth LE devices to your account using either the Web UI or the AddPeripheral endpoint.

Note that, under the hood, adding a Bluetooth LE device is not really the same concept as adding an IP device: the "claiming" process is not occurring. Instead, you are simply connecting a device to an associated/claimed gateway. The end result, however, is the same: the added device will is "known" to nRF Cloud, and data about it will be returned when you call FetchDevice or ListDevices.

Removing Devices from Your Account#

To remove a device—whether IP or Bluetooth—from your account, use either the Web UI or the DeleteDevice endpoint. (Note: for IP devices there used to be a DissociateDevice endpoint that would remove the device from your account but leave it provisioned on nRF Cloud. This endpoint has been deprecated.)