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Adding and removing devices

This page explains the process of adding Internet Protocol (IP) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) devices to your nRF Cloud account.

IP devices

To add an IP device, associate it with your account. This happens automatically during the onboarding process only when using the ProvisionDevices endpoint.

If you are using Just-in-Time provisioning (JITP), you must manually associate the device with your account using either the nRF Cloud portal or the AssociateDevice endpoint.

An IP device knows whether it is associated by finding {"pairing":{"state":"paired"}} in its device shadow. Devices using the nRF Cloud library attempt to do this automatically. See the MQTT API documentation for more information.

Bluetooth LE devices

You can add Bluetooth LE devices to your account using either the nRF Cloud portal or the AddPeripheral endpoint.

Adding a Bluetooth LE device is not the same as adding an IP device, as there is no association process for a Bluetooth LE device. Instead, you are connecting the device to an associated gateway. The added device is known to nRF Cloud, and you can view its data by calling the FetchDevice or ListDevices endpoints.

Removing devices from your account

To remove a device from your account, use either the nRF Cloud portal or the DeleteDevice endpoint.