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Getting started on nRF Cloud

This guide outlines the prerequisites for using nRF Cloud, next steps, and hardware-specific guides.

Browser compatibility

The nRF Cloud portal is supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Getting started

  1. Create a free account on the nRF Cloud portal.
  2. Read the documentation on device onboarding and adding and removing devices to decide how to connect your devices to your nRF Cloud account. Refer to the steps in Securely generating credentials on the nRF9160 depending upon your use case.
  3. Read the nRF Cloud API documentation to decide how you or your device will communicate with nRF Cloud.
  4. Install nRF Connect for Desktop and the LTE Link Monitor modem client application.

Guides for nRF9160 DK and Thingy:91

For more information on specific hardware, see the guides to getting started with the nRF9160 DK or Thingy:91.

Next steps

If you are using the nRF9160 DK, see how to securely generate credentials.

If you are managing multiple users and a fleet of devices, see more about managing your nRF Cloud plan and working with Teams. See also nRF Cloud Security Services to begin working with secure provisioning.

For further information on background concepts, see device types and device security and credentials. See also the Authentication sections of the MQTT API or the REST API.