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Managing models

This page explains how to manage product models using the nRF Cloud portal or APIs.

The maximum model name length is 100 characters. The limit is 100 models per team.

Using the nRF Cloud portal

To add a new model:

  1. Log in to the nRF Cloud portal.
  2. Find the Your Models card.
  3. Click the Create Models button.

    A pop-up opens.

  4. Enter a model name. The maximum model length is 100 characters.

  5. Click the Create Model button.

The new model now appears in the Models table. You can use this model when ordering IMEIs.

You cannot edit a model once you have created it. Delete existing models using the Delete button in the table row.

Using the APIs

The following REST endpoints apply to model management:

  • Use the AddModel endpoint to create a new model. Max 100 characters for the model name and 100 models in each team.

  • Use the DeleteModel endpoint to delete an existing model.

  • Use the ListModels endpoint to list the previously created model names of your end products using a Nordic Semiconductor chip.