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Listing IMEIs

This guide explains how to get a list of IMEIs using a box ID. This mostly applies to pre-programmed IMEIs for nRF9160 devices, but if you have ordered IMEIs through nRF Cloud for nRF91x1 devices using a box ID, you can also list them using this feature.


This feature is available only to admin and owner roles.

Using the nRF Cloud portal

To get a list of IMEIs associated with a box ID:

  1. Select IMEI Management in the left sidebar.

    A panel opens to the right.

  2. Select List IMEIs.

  3. Enter a box ID into the text box.
  4. Click Get IMEIs.

    nRF Cloud returns a list of IMEIs. You can download this list as a CSV file.


If you download and open a CSV file in a spreadsheet application, IMEI values might display by default in scientific notation.

Change the cell format to text to display the full value. This may vary depending on the application.

Using the APIs

Use the ListImeisByReelCode endpoint, including the box ID as a path parameter.

A successful request returns an HTTP 200 status and a list of IMEIs associated with the box ID in the reponse.