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Troubleshooting Location Services

This page provides possible solutions to Location Services issues.

I cannot get a GNSS fix

Some older DKs might have difficulty getting a GNSS fix. Check that your device meets the prerequisites. If it does not have an internal GNSS antenna, attach an external antenna, or query the device location using cellular.

If your device has a newer nRF9160 SiP and you are still having trouble getting a GNSS fix, try the following:

  • Place the device near a window with a clear view of the sky.
  • Ensure that the device connection is stable.
  • Query the device location with an alternative method that does not require the GNSS receiver, such as cell location.

I cannot get cell location data

If your device is otherwise functioning normally, try the following to correct cellular issues:

  • If you have physical access to the device, open the LTE Link Monitor application of nRF Connect for Desktop to check the connection status:

    • Check that the correct COM port is selected.
    • Check which network the device is connected to and signal strength in the left panel.
    • There is occasionally a delay in establishing a connection after the device starts up or resets. See if the device functions as expected after two or three minutes. If it still does not connect, push the RESET button on the device.
  • Check with your cellular network provider to make sure there is coverage in your area.

  • Check that your device's SIM card still has data:
    1. Log in to the nRF Cloud portal.
    2. Click SIM cards in the navigation bar on the left.
    3. Buy more data for your SIM card if necessary.

I need to talk to customer support

If you need support with a specific issue that is not addressed here, see Support.