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Device management overview

Device management enables you to keep your device fleet operating in an optimized way, using features such as firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates, remote configuration, and monitoring.

Fleet management

This section includes an overview of choices for onboarding a device, and a guide to adding and removing devices to or from your account.

This section also includes an overview of device organization methods, and guides on how to organize your devices.

Device properties

This section explains which device types work with nRF Cloud, and how device IDs work for LTE and Bluetooth® devices.

Firmware update

FOTA helps keep your devices secure and lets you deploy new features and bug fixes. See an overview of concepts and processes related to FOTA, as well as a guide to updating your devices with new firmware.

Device messaging, alerts, and logs

You can monitor the operation of your devices, get alerts, debug and solve issues using alerts and logs.

See more on how device messages work for nRF Cloud operations or how to set up a message bridge with MQTT.

This section also includes information on what you can find in the device shadow, and a guide to using the device shadow.

These features allow you to collect data from your devices and deploy new configurations.

Device onboarding and security

See more on different onboarding methods to connect your devices to nRF Cloud.

For more on security, see authentication and authorization, how to generate credentials for nRF91 Series devices, and how nRF Cloud uses JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) to authenticate requests.