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Location Services guides

This page collects common prerequisites and guides for nRF Cloud Location Services.


Make sure your setup first meets these prerequisites before you choose a tutorial. These are processes you need to complete, tools and applications you must install, or other information you need to know before getting started.


The prerequisites on this page apply to all Location Services guides. Each guide provides any additional information needed for that component or method.

Accounts and authentication

Complete the following steps before following a guide:

  1. Create an nRF Cloud account.
  2. Onboard your device.
  3. Connect your device to nRF Cloud.

Toolchain and applications

The guides use the following tools and applications:

Hardware requirements

The guides in this section are written for devices using the nRF9160 SiP unless otherwise specified.

The reference hardware for the guides is the nRF9160 DK. Other devices, such as the nRF9161 or Thingy:91, might require additional configuration.

Cellular location

Your device must have an active SIM card and LTE module.

Using MCELL requires nRF Connect SDK v1.8.0 or later and modem firmware v1.3.0 (for nRF9160) or 2.0.0 (for nRF91x1) or later.


Some features may have different requirements based on the service or protocol.


Your device must have a GNSS module. nRF91 Series devices have an onboard GNSS receiver.


The currently supported combination of devices for Wi-Fi Location Services is the nRF9160 DK or nRF9161 DK with the nRF7002 EK shield.


See API requirements if you plan to work directly with the REST or MQTT APIs.


These guides explain specific operations using the different components of Location Services:

See also Troubleshooting.